March 24

Including today there are 38.5 days left with students! That number seems so small. Is it enough time to:

-Finish this math unit AND complete one more?

-Spend 5 days doing IAR testing, another diagnostic and end of unit standards masteries?

-Mentally prepare 6th graders for middle school? And spend an afternoon visiting the JH?

-Complete inquiry projects in SS?

-Enjoy a fun Field Day?

-Spend a day with 5th and 6th for Outdoor Ed?

-Get all of our Gifted identification done for next year?

-Plan some sort of end of the year community service project with our Student Council?

Not to mention the REAL day to day stuff! Actually, now that I write it all down I am a bit concerned about getting it all done!

6 thoughts on “March 24

  1. The closer we get to the end of the year, the more it feels like we need to accomplish. It’ll get done though. It always does.


  2. I don’t keep count. I don’t look up. When we hit Field Day I know its over and I need to start all over again. Looping always seems like a good idea when you have a class you love.


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