March 28

I feel fine. Still not sure which COVID test to believe, I am quarantining for the week. I also really kind of need to go grocery shopping. I could send Mike, but we decided to play a game instead. This week is “HOW MANY MEALS CAN WE MAKE FROM THINGS IN THE FREEZER AND PANTRY?” Occasionally we play this game to try and get rid of things. I am pleasantly surprised at how much we can make for both lunch and dinner. Soup, pasta, breakfast stuff, quiche, rice dish, frozen pizza, mac and cheese. Piece of cake. It may not be the healthiest week ever, but I would have been eating out all week on my trip.

By the way… it is only Sunday and I am bored already. Luckily the weather should be decent for much of the week (today is super windy and chilly) so I ordered my new bike online and Mike picked it up today. At least I can get outside walking and riding the new bike this week! I have also read 1 book already and looking forward to starting another today. I am kind of a book nerd having nothing to do but read is kind of exciting.

I’m sure all of my posts this week will be as exciting as this one!

9 thoughts on “March 28

  1. I like the idea of this food game! I’m curious what the most exciting thing you have made from leftover ingredients is? I hope you enjoy your new bike!


  2. Oh dear! Sorry to learn you tested positive for COVID Mirielle. Rest up, enjoy reading a few books, and I hope you feel better! Also- I, too, love the game of what meals we can make out of the freezer and pantry!!


  3. I know this doesn’t make you feel better, but I was jealous of you already finishing a book. I am longing to feel that accomplishment but I’m so overwhelmed on picking the ONE book that could get read this break, that I probably will read none. Although I did bring home 5 social issues books that are still in my car.


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