March 25

The worst part is that I was unprepared for this.

It was just a headache. It started Tuesday night, was a bit better Wednesday morning, but as the day wore on it got much worse. So I went home. I just wanted to take some Tylenol and take a nap in the dark to make it better. I woke up to my phone ringing and the dreaded call. “Your principal reported that you have a headache and had to leave school. You will need to get a negative COVID test in order to return.” No rapid results so by the time I could get an appointment it really is useless, the results will not be back by tomorrow morning. Ugh, it NEVER occurred to me. I’m vaccinated so I didn’t even stop to think that this would happen. I would have stayed. Now I have an early spring break that I cannot enjoy because it completely stresses me out that I left so unprepared. I slapped together some review work for my students and need to remind myself that it is out of my control.

8 thoughts on “March 25

  1. Oh, yikes. Not many would have anticipated it. You do tell the story very well-the teaser line, short first line, expanding the story as it unfolds, using capitalization (sparingly.) Nicely written. And you know what? They probably need that review 🙂


  2. Oh no! That’s a shame. I at least hope you can recover in time to enjoy most of your spring break. Your slice is extremely succinct and emotive. I felt your disappointment and frustration.


  3. Oh no! I hope you’re on the mend! I totally get it… my mantra this year has been- focus on what you can control and let the rest go (or at least try)! Maybe Elsa was right when she sang, “Let it go…” 😉


  4. Excellent hook at the beginning of this slice. Things we used to take for granted: leaving for a bad headache and returning the next day without issue.


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