March 24

Same story, new Wednesday…

I have always been an early bird and now I am part of the early crew in my building. There are 3 of us who are there every day before 6:45. With a 40 minute commute, I usually try to leave around 6. It sounds awful when I say it out loud, but it really works out well. I get so much more done in the morning than any other time of the day. By the end of the school day I am just too tired to focus and end up spending a lot of time not really accomplishing anything.

All year, we have been asynchronous on Wednesdays with the students just working on their own if we choose. I usually meet with them a few times, have a few other meetings and then use the time to prep. Every Wednesday I tell myself to sleep in a bit, go easy in the morning and get to school whenever. No students, I have more time to work. Today is the last Wednesday for this. I was here at 6:35.

6 thoughts on “March 24

  1. Boy can I relate! And yes, here we are, here before the sun comes up! I’m with you, I love the mornings, so productive. Let’s enjoy today, because the next Wednesday we’re here, it’s certainly not going to have the chilled feeling we’ve become so used to!


  2. Yes, I was part of the early crew at my school too. It was great to get things done before others arrived. Now that I am home full time, I am still an early riser, just not quite so early. I still get more done in the morning. Early to bed too.


  3. I am currently not an early bird but before the deaded pandemic I was. It looks like I will be back on that schedule after spring break. You’re lucky you won’t have to transition. You’ll already be used to getting the work down ealry.


  4. WOW! You are at work as I am waking up! I told the principals when they interviewed me, “I will be here right at 8 am, not any earlier, but I can stay as late as you need me.”


  5. We are creatures of habit! I used to get to school around the same time before I had kids. haha! Now, as long as we are on time for daycare, I make it by 7:30. Agreed! I am so much more productive in the morning!


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