March 23

It’s like being married to a child some days…

My husband had a doctor appointment yesterday. Here is how the conversation went when I got home…

Me: How did everything go?

Him: All good. Blah, blah, blah. He was talking to me about ways to improve my health; getting more exercise, including more plant based meals into my diet.

Me: Really? Hmmm…

Him: (Reading from the visit notes) more fruits and vegetables, he listed a website with vegan recipes, I told him I would pass it on to you since I don’t really cook.

Me: Interesting…

Him: Why do you say that?

Me: You DON”T actually eat fruits and vegetables.

Him: Yes I do!

Me: An occasional salad does not count.

Him: I eat fruit! I sometimes put banana on my yogurt with granola.

Me: Hmmm…

Him: I liked those brussels sprouts you made!

Me: The ones with bacon? The ones you ate 1 or 2 of? He is talking about full meals with no meat or dairy products. No butter, no cheese.

Him: Oh, well, I would be open to trying something every now and then.

This should last for about 1 meal.

8 thoughts on “March 23

  1. I laugh because the conversations in our house are so similar! About two years ago I asked Charlie if we could only have one meal per day have meat in it. We had a good few months stretch, but we are back to meat basically at every mealtime. In the process, it did help us increase the veggies tho!


  2. This is me . . . but I’m the child! Have patience, he (I) might grow up someday and appreciate all the help/guidance.

    I could hear this conversation taking place. Great voice!


  3. So funny! I kind of cringed at the idea of all plant based meals. But I can definitely get down with some brussel sprouts!


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