March 22

Oh Monday, I am so glad that the next 2 of you are days off!

Why are Mondays so rough? I woke at 4AM and knew I would not go back to sleep, but I did not want to get up. The weekend was so nice and relaxing. Maybe it is because this Monday starts off what is always the LONGEST week of the year… the week before Spring Break. I did some switching of our schedule this week to try and get some fun in. Science has been kind of boring in the classroom (so hard when it cannot be hands-on – not enough supplies for everyone to have their own) so I made the executive decision to do some STEM instead. A few Amazon orders later and I have STUFF for the kiddos to get their hands on and have fun with. Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “March 22

  1. I was feeling this way as well when I was trying to wake up two kids in the dark (Thank you so much Daylight Savings Time:( ). I hope this week goes by quickly. We are also in the week before Spring Break and I am anticipating sleeping in next Monday!

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    1. Today was a bit of engineering. Tallest towers with cups and craft sticks, each round had a new rule. Round 1, no cups touching. Round 2, same as 1 plus adjacent rows could not be the same. Round 3, same as 1 but no 2 rows could be the same at all.


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