March 21

Just when things are at its craziest and everyone at school is beginning to break down a bit, the weather decides to cooperate and give us a bit of hope. I think this is why I still live in the Midwest. The changing of the seasons is more than just the weather. It marks many different milestones throughout the year. Right now it is reminding us that we will have a break next week and then 7 weeks to push through. Those 7 weeks might be REALLY long, but when the sun shines more those extra recess days really come in handy. Farmer’s markets begin to open and so many of the outside events that we have been looking forward to are waiting for us. The warmer days help us to remember that summer is a time for fun, family and friends. For teachers, a time to recharge. We head back to school ready for fall (because if we have to be back we do not need the hot, sunny days anymore). Fall marks warmer clothes, warmer food, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. As soon as Thanksgiving is over I am ready for Winter and getting ready for the holidays! This year, January and February were the coldest and snowiest that they have been in years and yet, I am already forgetting all about that! I also already forgot about the snow that fell just a few weeks ago! I love something about all of these different times of year, but mostly that first few weeks as the changes starts to take place.

6 thoughts on “March 21

  1. I’m the same way – I love the first few weeks of the change of season so much. This year, spring is feeling so welcome to me – I’m loving the sun and being able to be outside with a sweatshirt …. I was so tired of winter!


  2. Things change so quickly in the spring! Two weeks ago both of the lamp posts in my front yard were buried in snow banks, but now we can see most of both. It feels like the snow will never leave, but I know that it won’t be long now!


  3. I feel the same way! It has been a crazy winter. Just before we went on Spring Break, the students were able to go outside to play and I hadn’t seen them that happy in months!


  4. I do think the change in seasons is what keeps us on our toes and always has us looking forward to something new!


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