March 20th

One more week…

We have not travelled at all during the pandemic. Several vacations cancelled and we just stayed home doing our part to stop the spread. As much as I would have loved to get away, keeping my parents safe was priority #1. My dad’s health this past year has been awful and it is amazing he is still here.

Next Saturday we (me, my sister, my nephew and my parents) set off for Austin to visit my brother. In the midst of the pandemic he and his wife decided to pick up and move near their daughter. The nice weather and time with their son is hopefully a combo that will brighten my parents tough year. This really is not a vacation for my sister and I, but I don’t even care. This time with all of us together is what we all need.

5 thoughts on “March 20th

  1. I’m in Utah enjoying time with my son and his family. It’s the best kind of vacation after a year of no travel. Enjoy your family time together. It will mean the world to your folks.


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