March 9th

I try, whenever I can, to take a walk after dinner. For me, it really helps to clear my head, and sort out some thoughts and ideas running around up there. Lately I have been so distracted BY ALL OF THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS STILL UP. It is March everyone and the weather is nice, take it down.

My husband laughs because he knows how much it drives me crazy. I just don’t understand???? Yes, I can see that, for a while, some of those candy canes may have been frozen in the ground and hard to remove, but the wreath on your door? My neighborhood is not huge and there are still about 4 houses with lights and decorations out. Our next door neighbors are the worst. At one point they left a decoration on their garage light for 1.5 years. YEARS!!!!

I realize that not everyone is a day after Christmas, take it down right away kind of person, but March? Really? Get it together people!

10 thoughts on “March 9th

  1. Hahaha! We still have a wreath on our door AND the lights are still up! Our excuse? Ummm…… no excuse! (To be fair, where we live there is still a lot of snow, so it does still look and feel very much like winter. Most of the houses in our neighborhood still have lights up and many even turn the lights on each night!)


  2. One of my friends started a new tradition- a holiday tree. She leaves the tree up all year long but swaps out the decorations. She wanted something to cheer her last year during quarantine and plans to always continue. I leave lights on the banister of my living room for the same reason. It makes my daughter crazy. I just like them. I also leave a few nutcracker statues in my kitchen basically all the time, because they remind me of when my son was little and so enamored with them. He’s currently an angsty teen, and visual cues help me remember how much I do love him even when he’s not very likable. My grandma’s little bell wreath stays there too. It’s what I have left of her and my grandpa, and I want to see it more than a month or two each year. Maybe they have reasons? (Not being snarky… I took down a lot of stuff but some things I just don’t.)


  3. My town decided to leave the lights up through February in order to provide cheer for us during the pandemic. I like seeing the twinkling lights strung around the central park and adorning street lamps, but I hadn’t considered that lots of folks were probably annoyed with the city.


  4. This drives me nuts! I hate when people leave up their decorations! My neighbors still have wreaths up and the evergreens are crisp and brown. I want to just sneak over in the middle of the night and throw them away! It is Spring!


  5. This is so funny! This drives me crazy too, except I felt like I was one of those people this year! The snow was so bad and so cold it was difficult to find a day to take down our Grinch and Cindy Lou! We also had are wreath up until the end of February! I was humiliated! haha-the only thing that made me feel better was that A LOT of neighbors still had their decorations up too!


  6. This was definitely more noticeable this year. I think the cold weather and lock down had a lot to do with it. But as soon as we get to 60 degrees it’s time to take them down, pandemic or not!


  7. First thing that came to my mind when I read your post is “See that’s why I don’t go walking. I would see things to annoy me and I would come home more stressed than I left.” LOL

    But in all honest, I do like to leave my decorations up until January 6th, but then I want every last piece of it down and put away. I’m upset that my grass isn’t green and luscious yet!


  8. I always take the Xmas decorations down before we go back to school. I dedicate one whole day to packing it all up while I have a day off to do it.
    I’m with you – It’s March people!!!


  9. There are still lights up in my neighborhood too. I guess I don’t mind it too much because I figure they’ll get them down when it’s on their priority list. I don’t decorate the outside for Christmas for that very reason. It will never be my priority to take it down, so I don’t put them up in the first place.


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