Thursday, March 26th

95% social distancing…

I can live without clothes shopping or hitting up the bars and restaurants for a few weeks. I can even stop seeing my friends (since now we have time to text all day long). I am even fine having to stay home and not kill time running errands just to get out of the house.

The hardest part… my parents. They are struggling with all of this and I worry about their well being. Normally, we try to keep them active and get out of the house as much as possible. My nephew (8) spends a lot of time there and keeps them busy by going to all of his sporting events.

Now? They have no outlet. They really aren’t the “get out of the house and go for a walk” kind of people. They are trying not to go to the store much (just during the AM senior hours). They are the least tech savvy people I know so they don’t facetime or video chat (or even take their damn cell phone out of the car to text).

So my sister and I have been going over about every 5 days or so. Picking up some take out and having lunch together. Just spending some time together and bringing some normalcy to their lives.

The rest of the time I am staying 6 feet from everyone.

4 thoughts on “Thursday, March 26th

  1. It is hard to have parents who are not tech savvy. My mom is in assisted living and I face-timed her yesterday but she does not understand why we can’t visit. I’m sure your visits bringssome normalcy to your life too.


  2. You are clearly a good daughter. Our daughter and her little girl came by a few nights ago. She knows we are good, but it was great to visit. We all sat out on the deck, being careful to keep our chairs over six feet apart. Seeing their faces brightened our day.


  3. It is so hard, but I am doing the same thing. I see mine once a week! Both of my parents are still working- in hospitals at that- so I really am distancing, but I do at least SEE them once a week, even if it’s from a 6ft distance.


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