Wednesday, March 25th

Listening to my hubby’s work voice…

Our new normal is both of us working from home at our kitchen table. We have a small office upstairs, but neither of us really prefer being closed off. We enjoy being in our open living space, talking to each other between virtual meetings and phone calls.

I love listening to his work voice. He is not a serious guy at all and I see that side to him a lot as he talks to his coworkers; making small talk and chatting about the mundane. Then he has to talk shop. Honestly, I know very little about what he does. He works for Motorola in the parts and repair division (which has a fancy name that I don’t know). As he talks, I realize that I have no idea about anything he says (It does not stop him from trying to constantly explain it though). “Work” Mike is not the guy I know so it is so interesting to me to listen to him all day. It makes me wonder what he would think if he could see me teach and interact with my students all day. Is there a “work” side of me that I take for granted but is not like the “home” me at all?

7 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 25th

  1. So funny to think about! As I’m confined to my parents house- I see “teacher” mom and “work” dad and I made fun of them for it just yesterday. It’s so interesting to see how people change based on their audience.


  2. Now I am pondering what my husband thinks of me when I am teaching. He occasionally will come into my music classroom and play classical guitar for my students so he has seen a bit of this side of me. My husband is not much different when he “talks shop” since we are both musicians.


  3. This is such a fascinating observation! I think we’d all admit we have a teacher personality, but I’ve found (since moving into a resource position), my teacher personality and voice even change by grade level that I’m interacting with. While I know this about myself, it would be interesting to hear what other people in my “life outside school” would think!


  4. Oh, my kids have come to school with me and the whole way home they “critique” my teacher voice and teacher personality. Let’s just say they rarely have a positive before they start with the negatives! LOL


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