Tuesday, March 24

What are some of your favorite vacation spots???

In the last year I have finally convinced my husband to take a trip overseas. I grew up spending 3-4 weeks in Germany every other year because my mom was born there, but have not been back in a long time. I am a big fan of being a tourist and seeing all of the landmarks and sites that places are famous for.

My hubby is kind of frugal about some things, so he agreed as long as we save separately for it and not just use our savings. Ok, that works. The plan is to go for our 20th anniversary (this year is 18). So now we save. We both have an app on our phone that automatically pulls money from our checking accounts on a regular basis. It is amazing how much money I do not actually miss.

Being stuck at home for over a week now has been dreaming of vacations. I am set on Prague as one of our European destinations, but still wondering where would be a good place to tack on to there. Thoughts?

We are hoping to hit the east coast this summer, if we can travel. Recommendations?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 24

  1. Oh, we just canceled our week in Prague for the end of May. Hoping for next summer. All my friends who have visited say it is fantastic! We are planning on Santa Fe and Taos for next May and hope to visit some of the National Parks. Portugal was an unexpected surprise – a fabulous and inexpensive trip. Hope you get to travel this summer. I might go for places in the U.S. or Canada for summer 2020. Good luck!


  2. I’m a fan of the mountains. Someday I’ll travel out West. But I consider the Smoky Mountains my second home. When I was little I always would go on vacation in the Pigeon Forge/Sevierville, Tennessee area.


  3. I love to travel, and if the pandemic had not interfered, I’d be in Hong Kong right now. 2019 was a banned travel year for me. I spent 76 nights away from home, including two and a half weeks in Eastern Europe. That trip started as an educator weekend in Salzburg. My husband flew into Munich, and we met at the airport and spent the next two weeks traveling through Germany (Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin), Czech Republic (Prague), and Austria (Vienna, Salzburg). To get around we took the train. I purchased EuroRail passes for us, and I booked lodging close to city center and popular destinations. If you go to Prague, be sure to visit Bohemia-Germany national park.

    My husband and I prioritize travel, both road trips in the states and international travel. Last year we went to China. I lived that trip and am so sad to see the xenophobia rising from ignorance of COVID-19. We’ve had two trips canceled by pandemic concerns, but that didn’t stop me from purchasing tickets to Iceland in a September.


  4. I have always thought about using that rounding up app or bank thing where you save change on every purchase. I need to look into that! It would be so much fun to see how much could add up in a few years. It’s great you are thinking positive thoughts for future travel! I haven’t been out of the country in awhile, but you can’t go wrong with so many European destinations so close to each other!

    Within the US…San Diego, Wyoming, and Colorado have my heart!


  5. For European travel, of course I am going to recommend Greece! To save money I would not go to the islands, but go to a small town about an hour or so away from Athens. You still get the beautiful beaches, at a fraction of the cost.

    In the US, I really haven’t traveled much, but I loved my time in California. We spent about 10 days – we flew into San Francisco, stayed for 3 days – drove to Santa Monica and stayed there for 3 days – then drove to San Diego and finished our last 4 days there until we flew back home. Granted it was 1996, and that was my one and only trip to California


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