Monday, March 23

Tournament of champions…

Nothing gets me in the mood to cook more than watching cooking shows. I do not watch very much TV, but I love Food Network!

This weekend was the tournament of champions amongst the celebrity chefs from Food Network. So much fun. I truly amazes me how quickly they come up with amazing meals. The plan, prep and cook these meals in less than 40 minutes.

I also was watching a newer show called Girl Meets Farm and she was making coconut macaroons. In the past few years I have begun to love coconut desserts. I never disliked them, they were just not in my top 5, but Panara has these small coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate that are so good. Just the perfect little bit of sweet that I always crave after a meal.

So yesterday I hit the store for sweetened condensed milk and coconut. I mixed the 2, added my whipped egg whites and baked them. After they cooled I dipped the bottoms in chocolate. Then I packed some up to take to my parents and my in-laws (it made so many, I would have eaten them all).

Yum! They turned out perfect. My mom requested that next time I try something lemon. I do have a recipe saved for lemon ricotta cheesecake bars. Next week…

6 thoughts on “Monday, March 23

  1. My hobbies these days include reading. Mostly reading. Pretty much all reading. Maybe it’s time to get my nose out of a book and create something! Thanks for the inspiration. We will see where that goes……………


  2. well now i’m hungry. that sounds like an awesome way to spend time! and very generous of you to share the wealth. i just may be inspired to whip up some creations of my own. i’m guessing yours are better, maybe i’ll tune in to the cooking channel!


  3. Oh my gosh I’m watching it as well. It is my favorite new show on Food Network. I should be a masterchef for all the Food Network I watch. But alas, I’m not. I do always sit in awe at what they can create. Masters!


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