Sunday, March 22

I married my best friend…

Not the “oh he’s my husband, now he’s my best friend” kind of thing, but the “we were friends for 2 years before we even kissed” kind of thing.

He just kind of grew on me!

We actually went to high school together and have a ton of mutual friends, but we never said a word to each other then. Years later our friend Chad was getting married and he told me I should be Mike’s date. So I was, and for the next 2 years we spent A LOT of time together. We went to a lot of weddings together, out for dinner once a week, talked all the time on the phone (before texting). He saw me date a few decent guys that did not make the cut and I watched him go on a bunch of first dates.

One day it just changed. I found myself a little jealous when he talked about a girl and he surprised me one night by asking if I was ever going to give him a chance. A month later I did and we never looked back.

22 years later and the moral of my story is: be with someone who you like enough to be quarantined with.

7 thoughts on “Sunday, March 22

  1. This made me smile. When I was married, I had friends who were teachers and were married. And I always thought I would never be able to stand it if my husband was also a teacher and had all the time off that I did. Fast forward to years later and a divorce, and I’ve been with a man for over 10 years now who is a teacher. I’m so happy to be with him on all our breaks and during this quarantine! Your post just made me realized it took me a little longer to find that “best friend.”


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