Thursday, March 19

Thank goodness for group chats and Facetime…

I’m bored already. We started our schedule today which was easy to do since my hubby is working from home and needed to actually “work” today. So I followed suit and we were up early and at our computers by 9 (after a workout and shower).

I’m still bored. I have things that I should be doing but just no motivation. We are only a few days in. I made a list last night of all of the things that I could do during this time, so at least I have my list ready.

My friends are all bored too since 90% of them are teachers. So we text all day long. Mostly about how bored we are and how annoying our families are… 🙂

Yesterday we decided to Facetime, like a bunch of 16 year olds away from their friends too long. We laughed and just enjoyed being together and made another date for tonight (with drinks) to catch up more.

This is going to be such a long “break”.

5 thoughts on “Thursday, March 19

  1. I’ve scheduled FT dates with friends too. I’ve also found a few artists offering free classes that I haven’t had the time or energy to do before but now maybe because I’m bored and home I can. I’m thankful to have community even if it has to be virtual for now. Here’s to the “break!”


  2. I am feeling the ‘no motivation’ bug hard; I don’t know how people work from home normally!!! Maybe it’s combination of the anxiety and no structure- but I am finding it really difficult to change out of my PJs most days- LOL. Long break indeed.


  3. My sleep schedule is already starting to majorly shift and that is what makes me lose motivation. Today I have done nothing really, yet. I’ve got some zoom calls scheduled and I’m trying to stay with my workout routine but the sleep schedule is really messing me up. I hope we can find a new normal that works for the time being.


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