Wednesday, March 18th

I need a schedule…

I keep getting emails and FB articles all about keeping kids on schedule while they are at home. I don’t have kids, but I need a schedule.

In my mind my day goes like this:

7:00 Get up, catch up on social media, breakfast, etc

8:00 workout, shower

9:00 work! Do this blog, post stuff for my students, work on the school stuff that I brought home

11:30 lunch, stuff around the house

1:00 more work stuff

2:00 relax, read

etc, etc

You get it, right? I was going to be soooo productive. In reality I have exercised and showered today and am just now sitting down to do work.

I need a schedule!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 18th

    1. I know just how you feel. It’s amazing how the day can slip away from you. As a retired teacher, I soon learned to write a to-do list each day of essentials that I wanted to work on. This has really helped. I love checking items off my list. Hang in there. It takes time to adjust to a new situation and “being your own boss”. Stay well.

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  1. I can totally relate. I am surprised by how inundated I feel by the virtual teaching, prepping things for kiddos. My ‘schedule’ has gone to pot. This is new, we’ll get a hang of it soon!!


  2. Schedule – yes. Priority lists – yes. Do they work – not always. What to do? Forgive, use self-compassion and try again tomorrow.And on some days we get more done than the lists we plan.


  3. I guess you realize you are not at all alone feeling like you crave a schedule and the discipline to stick to it. I agree that some days are simply better than others. It just feels good and normal to make a schedule or to do list.


  4. I relate!!!! I’ve decided on the following focus: 1 major work task (and all the little things), 1 major home task (cleaning, a project, organizing), 1 major child activity (art, a big game, a fort). 3 things makes me feel pretty accomplished being home all day! (Then again, I don’t always get to all three!)


  5. Part of the need for a schedule is about getting out and doing something/anything. Without the option of getting out of the house it is hard to know what actual day and time it is. Help!


  6. Oh my gosh….I say that everyday and have not made a schedule yet. I have to keep the tv off and stay off the phone. I am obsessed! I keep saying I will make a list…and have not yet.


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