Sunday, March 15

We decided to just pack up and go…

What I was planning to do here during our unplanned “break”: read, relax.

What I am planning to do on our “vacation”: read, relax.

Difference=there I can do it outside in the sun looking at a beach.

My sister and I have decided to pack up ourselves, my 8 year old nephew and our parents and drive to the Gulf Shores to socially isolate ourselves on the beach for a week. No large attractions, no eating out (just take out) no large crowds. Just us in a condo on the beach. Getting fresh air and getting away for the week.

We leave tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Sunday, March 15

  1. You are awesome! If I had the funds to make it happen I would have already hit the road, too. You are going to make some great memories. Enjoy the sun on your face and your feet in the sand.


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