Thursday, March 12

I have too many things to do and can’t seem to focus myself this morning…

I felt good at the beginning of the week. My to-do list was not too long and fairly easy to accomplish, but as the week as progressed this list has gotten longer and the tasks on there are a bit more cumbersome. It all always gets done right?

My usually cynical attitude about our impending doom is also wavering as our district prepares for a possible “break”. All I can think about is the mass amount of stuff I still wanted to accomplish this school year with my students and how things will most likely have to get pushed aside. I just hate that they are the ones to suffer, plus I can’t help think about the kids who get 2 meals here at school or an extra hug that is really needed, smiling faces, friends to talk to, an escape from their reality. What happen to them?

I always say that my hubby does not do well with the unknown, but I have to admit, i’m not a big fan either.

5 thoughts on “Thursday, March 12

  1. Yup. Same page. What about the kids with no siblings or grown up siblings? Nobody to socialize with? It’ll be like square one if we have to take a break and then come back to finish the year. Ugh.


  2. I immediately thought of the kids that rely on us for meals and warm friendly faces, too. I am fearful that there will be a lot of very young children left unattended at home if we break for that long.


  3. My thoughts exactly! I gave a short assignment for my students to complete on Monday and the one question asked was “What is a goal you have accomplished and a goal you have for the rest of this school year?” Although this one particular student seems uninterested in school, her response warmed my heart: “My goal is to stay healthy so i can come to school everyday.”

    I want school to stay open for her and our students just like her!


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