Friday, March 6

I’m a list maker.

I make lists for everything. To-do lists at work. To-do lists at home. Summer fun ideas list. Books I have read lists. Books I want to read list. Grocery list. Wish lists. I have to write them all down. Lists and lists and lists.

Every time I think I am at the end of a list, there are always more things to add. So I start a new list (mostly so it looks smaller and neater). Today I started to wonder if my incessant list making is just adding to the feeling that there is never enough time to get everything done. Are all of these lists just a constant reminder of what I need to do? Can I break the habit? At 47 I have begun to forget a lot of things unless I write them down. Again, one more reminder of what I need to do.

Is it really just this never ending cycle or do others have a way of avoiding this trap? How do I focus less on what is left on the list and more on what is crossed off?

10 thoughts on “Friday, March 6

  1. Lists are good. Lists are helpful. Lists keep us on track. I sometimes don’t write a wish list or a to do list but write the list after things have happened or have been completed. My favorite lists are gratitude lists.

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  2. I’m a list maker too! Do you like to physically write your lists or do you tap them into an app? I use Wunderlist to track the fun lists. The books to-read list. The vacation visit list. The daily to-do list. I even add things each day I love like meditation and journaling. I learned that in May Wunderlist won’t exist any longer. Microsoft bought it and they’ll be making something new. I also use Google Keep but have always done that for my professional life. I like that they’re separate. I’m wondering how I’m going to keep my fun lists going come May!


  3. Always write lists! I need my lists! I love my lists! And yes, I write and rewrite lists many times having the same thing on numerous lists. I have a “school” list, a “home” list, an “appointment” list, a “wish” list . .


  4. Recovering list-maker here. I do love a good list, but the past year I’ve begun to feel a slave to them. I’ve switched to goal lists, instead of to-do lists. To-do lists are always a mile long, and something I can never seem to complete. Goal lists are broader (and can have a lot of mini-items under them I suppose), but move you toward a bigger goal. I feel so much more accomplished, and worry a lot less about what was left undone because I know the needle moved!


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