Day 25

Next Spring Break I will travel somewhere warm. I say this every year. Yet, I keep hoping for a Spring Break that is sunny and at least high 50s in Chicago. Way too optimistic. We might hit 60 this week, but along with it will come the rain.

I would rather be at a pool, just lounging, reading books. That sounds so amazing right now. Instead I am in Indy with my sister and nephew. He feels crappy. It is only 40. It keeps drizzling.

I would rather not deal with adult stuff this week. Fix a cracked windshield, oil change, hair cut. On the plus side I am meeting some former coworkers out for dinner.

I wish I was wearing shorts and flip flops getting some sort of Vitamin D this week. Next Spring Break I will travel somewhere warm.

6 thoughts on “Day 25

  1. We had warmish weather yesterday. Rain is forecast for the rest of the week – my Spring Break. As much as I would like warm sunshine, the rest I am planning on this week is just as imperative. I hope you have a chance to do something fun, or relax.


  2. Wishing here, too! It´s even harder when I see my prior years´ vacay pics on Timehop, along with friends´ pics on Facebook. Ugh. What am I doing? Oil change, beginning the purge of my parents´ house… at least I have a massage scheduled. And, my sister and I taking my son & nephew to Sky Zone. Next year…


  3. I think the same thing EVERY YEAR! But the cheapskate in me hates to pay 2-3 times more for a trip just because it is at the end of March. Every year before this I would stay to help out my sisters with hanging out with my parents since I live the furthest and don’t do as much as they do during the school year. After losing my dad a few months ago, I would like to take my mom on spring break next year!


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