Day 19

I came home to laundry strewn across the floor, remnants from his carry on all over the kitchen and living room, a partially unpacked bag in the bedroom and one very tired hubby laying on the couch. At 47, a 6:00AM flight after 5 days in Vegas with your best friends from high school is probably NOT the best idea. Planning ahead and taking an extra 2 days to “recover” and catch up on sleep is a great plan though. We had dinner together and he tried to remember all of the stories from the trip that he had stored up. It is the same routine year after year. I love that he looks forward to this so much. I love that they spent months beforehand texting and planning. I love that yesterday they continued to text and laugh sharing some inside jokes that I want NO part of. I love that he is home safe and sound and rejuvenated from this trip.

5 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. Amazing how a getaway with friends can rejuvenate you and keep the other 364 days bearable. I look forward to my girls’ trips every year, even if they are only 3 days long! Hope you have a trip planned for you and your friends!


  2. My hubby would do the same! Stuff on the kitchen table, in the laundry room, open suitcase on the bedroom floor… frustrating, but I’m sure you’re glad he’s back! 😉


  3. I was curious when you mentioned this 5 day trip where he would be going. Now that I know it’s Vegas, I totally get it! My husband LOVES Vegas too and is itching to go back ASAP. He hasn’t been with the guys since we had our daughter last summer. Maybe it’s time for him to get away.. then I can have my own trip later, too. 😉 I’m glad your hubby is back safe and sound!


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