Day 12

The sun is shining!!! This time of year makes me lose my patience. Winter or spring? Cold or warm? Winter coat or jacket? Sunny or dark? UGH!!! I cannot wait any longer for Spring and am losing my mind a little every day. I would not say that I am an outdoorsy girl, but I would love to take a walk outside with the sun shining. I need some Vitamin D, STAT!!! To add to that impatience is the looming threat of the last 2 months of school. It seems so far away, but after Spring Break, we have 2 MONTHS OF SCHOOL LEFT! 2 months to take state tests, finish 2 units in math (not going to happen), try to complete my never-ending science unit and get our student council whipped into shape to perform some type of community service. 55-60 degrees and more sunshine would make this much easier.

8 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. My details might be different, but I feel the exact same way. We have 9 school days until Spring Break. I know I make it every year, but sheesh, it feels hard every year. Wishing you some natural Vitamin D.


  2. I too long for the warmth of spring and the bright sunshine of longer days. I love to be surrounded by the colors of spring with the leaves, grass, and flowers back in action. I understand the pressure of the end of the school year; if only children learned at exactly the pace of the state requirements!


  3. I completely agree with you- is it winter? spring? We just don’t know! There is so much to fit in before the end of the school year, but it always gets done- that’s the good news! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. Thinking about what you said and, on the outset, the optimist sick of winter in me is like “yes, I also believe things will be better when my bones aren’t in a perpetual state of frostbite.” But to really think about it, all the stuff you said about having to cram all of that stuff into such a small amount of time for a bunch of kids who feel that small amount of time AT LEAST as much as we do, making it 10 times harder. Yes. Absolutely. Walking out of the building or on weekends with short sleeves and being warm after this whole long tragedy of a season? Yes. Bring it. I am so ready and with you on this one!


  5. It’s still fully winter here in my neck of the woods, but I do try to enjoy the changing of the seasons by finding outdoor activities for any weather! Spring skiing! It’s also the perfect time of year to start planning my garden!


  6. March is such a tease! I hate to say it but it’s my least favorite month; exuberance at the spring weather, which is followed (at least her in NJ, by sleet and hail the next day. I can totally identify with your post. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone!


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