Day 1

Well… Day 1 is not off to a great start. Somewhere over the course of the last week I have gotten consumed by life and everything else that needs to be done and I completely forgot about starting the blog today! I had so many grand plans of prepping some things ahead of time and coming into this strong and well prepared. Not so much… instead, a coworker came into my classroom this morning to ask for help on uploading her first blog and it sent me into a frenzy. I am pretty sure I used the word crap at least 5 times. This is very unlike me. Now I am just racing around, thinking of all of the other things I have to do today (inservice with zero free time), errands to run, dinner with friends, etc and I know it is now or never.

Truth about me: more than anything else in the world I do not like to feel unprepared (or late) for anything. I am NEVER late for anything. It stresses me out. Forgetting about this task will weigh heavily all day until I sit down tomorrow with more focus and preparations.

Have a great day everyone!

8 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. It never feels good to start the day scrambling! I am glad you got your first post published and hope your colleague did as well! I know some slicers who try to stay one day ahead, writing tomorrow’s slice the night before and publishing early in the morning. I am only rarely that organized and on top of the challenge, but it does sound really nice!

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  2. You have many days ahead to make up for lost time! I shared your same thoughts last night thinking my first post has to set the tone and it will be great…well needless to say I deleted more times than I can count and finally just wrote something to be done! There’s always tomorrow!

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  3. In the same boat! I set an alarm for this challenge when I signed up…it went off last night as I was finishing my February challenge and I had a Homer Simpson “doh” moment. I always read your posts in your voice. Can’t wait to keep up with the fabulous Mrs. Strasser throughout the month of March!

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  4. But see? You got through it and wrote a thoughtful and highly entertaining and illuminating post about your life because you are brilliant and clever and all the things. It’s not sooo terrible living on the fly every once in a while like some of us perhaps do kind of often. Haha. As always, prepped ahead of time or no, flustered or no, I very much look forward to your blog this year.


  5. Thankfully, I drafted my first two posts last night at school… so glad I did while inspiration was flowing! I don´t like scrambling at the last minute, either… but somehow I still end up doing so far too often! Some days there´s just too much to do!


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