Day 21

I feel like there are not any sacred places anymore. You see it too, right? There are no places where people can go without everyone else ON THEIR PHONES!!! I just need a break sometimes. Why can’t other people go to the gym for one hour without needing to text or make phone calls? Last night on the walking track at least half of the people there were using their phones in ways other than just listening to music. Making calls, texting, emailing, scrolling the internet. I leave mine at home when I go because I actually look forward to not being tied to it for a little while.

My biggest issue with this need for our phones is that it makes people unaware of their surroundings. Their focus is solely on the phone, not on anything around them and have no idea how much it impacts other people. It is beginning to be my biggest pet peeve (next to the “reply all” emails)!


Day 20

I am turning into my mother. My husband has been warning me for years. Most times I just laugh and say “Yep, I sure am!”, but other times, like today, I cringe and try to avoid this at all costs. Don’t get me wrong, my mom is fabulous! A hard worker, kind, loving, generous and a wonderful friend… but she is also extremely impatient, almost to the point of embarrassment. She hates to wait for anything, cannot stand driving in traffic and abhors children misbehaving in public. AND… she will let everyone around her know exactly how she feels. UGH!!! I am not that bad, yet. YET. Yesterday I had to make a phone call (an actual call, not a text or email) to confirm an order. I called 4 times because no one picked up (and one time they picked up, put me on hold and never came back). I was annoyed. Teachers have very little “free time” during the day so making the same call repeatedly was wasting a lot of my precious time. Finally I got through and I REALLY wanted to be snippy with the woman on the phone, but I just could not pull it off because she was SOOOOOOO nice. Amazing what that did to my mood, made me so much nicer to her and I ended the call not at all irritated anymore. So, yes, I am turning into my mother. That’s okay.

Day 19

I came home to laundry strewn across the floor, remnants from his carry on all over the kitchen and living room, a partially unpacked bag in the bedroom and one very tired hubby laying on the couch. At 47, a 6:00AM flight after 5 days in Vegas with your best friends from high school is probably NOT the best idea. Planning ahead and taking an extra 2 days to “recover” and catch up on sleep is a great plan though. We had dinner together and he tried to remember all of the stories from the trip that he had stored up. It is the same routine year after year. I love that he looks forward to this so much. I love that they spent months beforehand texting and planning. I love that yesterday they continued to text and laugh sharing some inside jokes that I want NO part of. I love that he is home safe and sound and rejuvenated from this trip.

Day 18

Getting ready to head to a dreaded doctor appointment. Hoping for the best but also being realistic of the worst case. Not wanting another 4-6 weeks wearing a boot on my foot. Just over a year ago I had this same surgery on my foot to remove an annoying lump on the ball of my foot. Now it is back again. Ugh! I am lucky that it is not anything serious, just a weird sac of fluid that keeps building up, but the process to remove it leaves a bunch of stitches right on the bottom of my foot; hence the boot. Hoping if it is another quick surgery that we can get it done quickly so it is all healed up for summer. Fingers crossed!

Day 17

Today was just one of those days… house is clean, laundry was done, grocery shopping complete. I took the nephews to see Wonder Park (meh) and then met my family for dinner (lovely). Now? Watching Beach Hunters and dreaming of warmer days. Due to the timing of my hubby’s annual Vegas trip, we never do a Spring Break trip. Sometimes I take a few days with my sister somewhere. Last year I went to see my niece in Houston. This year will be low key. A few days in Indianapolis with my sister and her family. Just to get away. What I really want is a few days on the beach. Reading. Relaxing. Vitamin D. Sounds so nice. I will just sit here, watching Beach Hunters, dreaming of sunshine and warmer weather.

Day 16

While I have been thoroughly enjoying my solitude at home, tonight all of that will change. My “sweet” nephews are coming over to stay. They have just turned 7 and 11 and have decided that I should not have to stay by myself for so many days so they invited themselves over (the 7 year old was most concerned, he is my sister’s son and initiated the sleepover. The 11 year old, from my husband’s side, heard about the fun and decided to tag along. Lucky for me that they get along so well).

Truthfully, they just know how to work the system. They know that auntie is a pushover and will take them somewhere fun and out for dinner. So we have plans to go roller shaking, then Chick-fil-A for dinner (the 11 year only only eats like 6 things) and then back here for board games. Tomorrow morning we are seeing Wonder Park (after Panera bagels, the one of the 6 things the 11 year old eats).

Looking forward to this time with the 2 of them. I loved their little guy phase and am trying to adjust to this phase too. At least the 7 year old still likes to snuggle…

Day 15

I know when he returns from his trip he will have stories to tell for weeks. He will process the trip and fill in the details over time. He loves this trip and the time with his best buddies.

I am content with a quick check in every day. Yesterday it was to tell me that he was not a millionaire yet (HA!) but that he also had not spent every dime he brought (WIN!). Today I was informed of the first casualty of the trip – re ran into a door in the hotel room last night and has a nice big scratch/cut next to his eye. Apparently my reminders that he is no longer 25 are being ignored.

This should be interesting.