March 31

Lots of lasts today…

1️⃣Last day of vacation before we begin the haul home. Reenergized from all of the Vitamin D I was able to soak in but ready to get back to my normal schedule. And my hubby, of course. His top 2 questions this week: How are you sleeping? How many books have you read? He knows me well. On a side note, he is clearing out our freezer and pantry this week by cooking for himself. Still surprising me all these years later. 😂

2️⃣Last day of March means the final blog post. On March 1st I always wonder how I will find enough things to write about, but it all comes together somehow. Thanks for reading!

March 30

Which category do you fall under? Repeat same vacations? Venture to new spots?

While my hubby and I have visited some of the same places more than once (Disney, Mexico, Vegas) in the 24 years we have been together, we love visiting new places. Most of our repeats have happened with friend or family trips, not usually of our own choosing.

We have several friends and family who repeat the same trips. My friend Kim and her family go to Arizona every Spring Break and San Diego every summer. My sister-in-law and family do summer trips to either Wisconsin Dells or Punta Cana. My sister’s family goes to Rhinelander every year. I totally get the appeal; familiarity, restaurants you love, etc, but I just think about ALL the places we have not been yet and still want to go. Orange Beach has been lovely. Perfect weather, great condo, but now it is off the list. So much more to see!

March 29

I used to say that I just wanted to sleep like my husband, but after these last few nights, it is my mom that I aspire to sleep like. 9.5 hours every night plus a nap in the afternoon! I can’t remember the last time I slept more than 5.

I am a crappy sleeper, just like my dad was. It always took me forever to fall asleep and then I woke up frequently. It takes its toll on the body. During really bad phases I gain weight. My body craver something and I eat to try and fix that. It doesn’t work.

It has been like this my whole adult life, so about 10 years ago I gave in to sleeping pills. Now I can get about 4-5 solid hours of sleep and a few dozing. Still, I wish I could sleep like my mom.

March 28

2 mile walk on the beach

More Sun than I probably needed.

Fish dinner that my nephew caught.

Ice cream with the family.

Start of book #2.

Feeling recharged already on day 2.

Nephew choosing the best hat for himself in the souvenir shop!

My view

His new hat 😂😂😂

March 27

Best things from the past week:

-Leaving Illinois in 32 degrees and snowy and ending in Alabama at 68 and sunny

-Last seats at the bar Friday night instead of waiting 30 minutes for a table at our favorite Mexican restaurant (and it was only 5:30!)

-A week off to recharge before the last 8 weeks of school

-Being awarded the “BEST LUNCH TEACHER EVER” award by a 2nd grader for my amazing work supervising the lunchroom! 😂😂😂

March 25

So, this time last year I had an unexpected positive COVID test that kept me home from Spring Break. Instead of enjoying the sun and family in Texas, I quarantined at home and did a bunch of “stuff”.

This year, no COVID test needed and I am looking forward to a week in warmer weather, sitting outside reading, exploring the area and hitting up some happy hours.

As much as I love my hubby, he is not much of a foodie and most of our adventurous eating end up with “it’s fine”. He never gets excited about his food. It is kind of sad really because I love trying new foods and places and get so excited when I find something new to love. Luckily, my 10 year old nephew has my same love of food and is willing to try everything. He loves when we go out for sushi and last summer discovered Poke Bros. which has become his new favorite. So much fun to eat with someone who loves food as much as I do. BTW – we are also room mates in the condo and are each contributing to the “room snacks” pile!

March 26

Up at 5 and ready for our adventure. I have NEVER been big on road trips, but my parents always loved them. We are planning 10.5 hours of driving (with stops, about 12 hours total) before we stop for the night in Birmingham. Tomorrow’s post will be all about those 12 hours! I am trying to plan out some topics of conversation so that we don’t have to talk the whole time about what my mom’s neighbors have been up to.

I realized that I either have never asked or do not remember my parents engagement story. I know the wedding story and many others, but not that one. That will be top of the list. My mom loves talking about my dad. I hope he knows how much we all miss him.

March 24

Including today there are 38.5 days left with students! That number seems so small. Is it enough time to:

-Finish this math unit AND complete one more?

-Spend 5 days doing IAR testing, another diagnostic and end of unit standards masteries?

-Mentally prepare 6th graders for middle school? And spend an afternoon visiting the JH?

-Complete inquiry projects in SS?

-Enjoy a fun Field Day?

-Spend a day with 5th and 6th for Outdoor Ed?

-Get all of our Gifted identification done for next year?

-Plan some sort of end of the year community service project with our Student Council?

Not to mention the REAL day to day stuff! Actually, now that I write it all down I am a bit concerned about getting it all done!

March 23

After only 3 years of talking about it, researching it, talking about it some more, complaining, etc, my husband finally did it – he joined a gym!

Mike is one of the lucky ones. He eats whatever he wants and doesn’t really gain weight. He has looked the same for the past 20 years. Just softer now. 50 must have hit him hard because he decided to finally start working out. So he joined a local boxing club. No, he will not be doing any sparring. I think that one actual punch to hit him anywhere and he would never go back. Just boxing and conditioning.

Now we get to talk about working out all of the time!

March 22

I said I would never do it.

I did it… I gave in to the peer pressure. I bought my first pair of (GASP) Crocs. Is this what getting older looks like?

For the record, they are not the usual clog crocs. Oh no, those I cannot do. We stopped in at the store in the outlet mall this weekend to find some slides for my mom (after foot surgery her foot is still really swollen and normal sandals won’t fit) and I saw a very cute and comfy pair. Now they are mine.

I said I would never do it, but I kind of love them.